Last Empire War-Z new Desert Oasis Season

Commanders: A new desert season is here! We’ve made the following changes in the latest version:

oasisGold Mines: Amount reduced by half, but item output is doubled!

Gold Mine Battles: Aside from defeating the guardians, a encampment time is required

Metal Synopsis: Gold Mines now produce metal synopsis instead of Dusts occupy an enemy gold

Desert Transporters: Unlocks additional transportation queue for transportation and stealing.

Desert Wonders: Each State has their own wonder, transport metal synopsis to boost wonder level and unlock wonder techs

Temporary Buildings: Removed temporary IMints, Temporary Oasis Hospitals, and
Temporary transportation camp

Permanent Buildings: Permanent Mint, and Oasis Hospital is coming

Oasis Resource Plots: High level alloy mines and steel mill amount increased in the oasis

Desert Ranking: All desert rankings have been reset

Battle for the Pyramid: Be the king of the Desert!

Thank you for your support! Last Empire: WarZ Dev Team

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