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Game Bug – only 6 marches

Come new Oasis and together new bugs, now more players have just 6 marches and missing Transport Troops Camp building in building menu. How to fix? For some players just enought to change game interface language in settings for anothers need reinstall game and maybe then change language.

New Desert Oasis Season

Commanders: A new desert season is here! We’ve made the following changes in the latest version:

Gold Mines: Amount reduced by half, but item output is doubled!

Gold Mine Battles: Aside from defeating the guardians, a encampment time is required

Metal Synopsis: Gold Mines now produce metal synopsis instead of Dusts occupy an enemy gold

Desert Transporters: Unlocks additional transportation queue for transportation and stealing.

Desert Wonders: Each State has their own wonder, transport metal synopsis to boost wonder level and unlock wonder techs

Temporary Buildings: Removed temporary IMints, Temporary Oasis Hospitals, and
Temporary transportation camp

Permanent Buildings: Permanent Mint, and Oasis Hospital is coming

Oasis Resource Plots: High level alloy mines and steel mill amount increased in the oasis

Desert Ranking: All desert rankings have been reset

Battle for the Pyramid: Be the king of the Desert!

Thank you for your support! Last Empire: WarZ Dev Team

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